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By ClarkPowell September 30, 2019

Enjoy Fusion Seminars in a Dynamic Tech Environment

Leading audiovisual manufacturers are bringing their newest products to the free 2019 Fusion Technology Expo Oct. 9.

The audiovisual and broadcast industry changes so fast that technology professionals have to actively work to keep up. The good news for those in the North Carolina and South Carolina area is that the Fusion Technology Expo packs numerous seminars and hands-on demos into a single day.

Get to Know the Latest AV Technology

ClarkPowell hosts the Fusion Technology Expo to highlight new products and solutions in a fun environment.

This year’s attendees can choose to attend seminars that include:

  • Biamp: Sound Effects in Multiple Architectural Spaces
  • Crestron: DM NVX with New Pixel-Perfect Processing
  • Draper: When to Project in a Monitor World
  • Extron: AV Streaming Over IP for Professional Systems
  • Kramer: The Simple Wired and Wireless Classroom
  • Panasonic: Best Way to Display
  • Tightrope: Future Proofing Your Local Cable Channel
  • Vaddio: USB Conferencing: The Critical Components Making Soft Client Conferencing Work
  • ClarkPowell: NDI-Video Over IP

Warren Baker, production sales specialist engineer for ClarkPowell, said Fusion presents a better professional development opportunity than many shows because the manufacturer representatives who attend are more accessible. Fusion attendees are able to have more in-depth conversations about the topics that interest them.

“These seminars have a different dynamic than going online and watching videos. You can interact and ask questions during the seminar, which you can’t do while watching a video,” Warrens says.


Get Connected to People in the Industry

Fusion offers attendees the chance to get to know peers, AV pros, and manufacturer reps. Establishing industry relationships can be fun, but it’s also beneficial in the long run because you’ll have a range of knowledge to access when you need it.

“We all kind of know each other but we’re also building contacts with people who may do things in a different way. Networking is important, and each year at Fusion I see customers getting to know other customers.”


Get Connected to People in the Industry

If you’re considering going to this year’s expo, here are the details:

  • Seminars: Offered throughout the day
  • More than 50 AV and broadcast manufacturers and experts
  • Date: October 9
  • Time: 9 AM to 3 PM
  • Location: Hilton Charlotte University Place in Charlotte, NC
  • Price: Free
  • Parking: Free
  • Raffle with exciting prizes

Register or get more information here.

2019 Fusion Technology Expo Vendors


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