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By ClarkPowell March 16, 2017

Make Life Easier: Standardize AV

In the age of technology-run businesses, your platform is only as good as its audiovisual (AV) systems. Standardizing your AV system allows your business to become more connected, creating uniformity across offices. Simplifying this major business asset or investing in your first standard AV system is a smart move—and one that could improve your brand in more ways than one. Let’s explore.


Make the Transition to Standardization

If you were an early adopter of AV solutions and have more than one business location, odds are that each office has its own setup – computer monitors, phones, video tools, and control rooms. While this may have worked for the last several years, it’s likely decreasing your efficiency and ability to collaborate. Managing multiple teams across locations requires seamless collaboration. As you might have experienced, having a situation where every location has a separate AV system can lead to a myriad of problems. That’s where standardization comes in.


Standardizing your system and configuration can ensure that all your locations operate using the ideal AV solution for your company. Managing multiple AV systems with many different components and moving parts can lead to major system breakdown and expensive lapses in operations. Eliminate the difficulties and confusion that stems from using more than one AV system with standardization. The benefits of standardized AV include:


  • Increase team member mobility. Employees at one office no longer have to surmount the major roadblock of learning new equipment when they switch or visit locations. Instead, employees can immediately continue operations without interruption in the new office, using the AV system as he or she would at the original office. One cohesive system across offices enables greater employee mobility and flexibility.
  • Make troubleshooting a breeze. With just one AV system across all your office locations, individual IT teams will be able to troubleshoot problems with less hassle. Your IT workers will get to know your standardized AV system in and out and solve problems in any office location without having to investigate a brand new system.
  • Master AV management. A managed service provider (MSP) can monitor your standardized AV system from a central hub, bringing a high level of IT expertise to your brand. Your MSP will oversee the infrastructure for your business, fixing problems and optimizing efficiency.
  • Enjoy a cohesive system. It’s easier to manage one system compared to forcing two systems to work together. Uniform hardware, software, and operating systems boost business efficiency. One unified AV system optimizes disaster recovery solutions, technology upgrades, and employee training.



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