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By ClarkPowell July 30, 2019

Everything You Need to Know about the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

The Surface Hub 2S offers seamless integration with Microsoft apps and turns any space into a collaboration space.

Classrooms and conference rooms used to be places where people sat and listened, but they are becoming more dynamic spaces where people interact and collaborate. On the corporate side, more than half of work is accomplished through collaboration, and high-performing organizations are 1.5 times more likely to invest in collaboration technology. But schools, universities, and companies of all sizes should be implementing technologies that improve collaboration.

Interactive whiteboards are a growing component of any organizational collaboration solution, and they deliver an easy and intuitive way for employees to collaborate in all kinds of environments. However, some interactive whiteboards also come with some limitations that require additional technology solutions to fill the gaps.


are you getting what you need from your interactive whiteboard?

So what key features should the ideal interactive whiteboard have? Look for these three.

  1. Interactive touchscreen. Large touchscreen displays are more affordable than ever, and they let users do more than simply present. Touchscreens should allow content to be accessed and shared more quickly, as well as allow multiple people to interact with it at once.

  2. Mobility. Just because people leave the room doesn’t mean the collaboration stops. You want the option of taking your whiteboard with you, and you want to be able to save your work to the programs and apps you commonly use. With cloud and BYOD connectivity, the ideal interactive whiteboard will allow you to continue your collaboration whether you move to another meeting room, your desk, or your own device.

  3. Video conferencing. Video conferencing is a key part of modern collaboration, but most interactive whiteboards are just that—whiteboards. That means you have to buy a separate system to get both whiteboarding and video conferencing capabilities. The ideal interactive whiteboard should deliver both in one solution.


enhance collaboration with the microsoft surface hub 2s

The recently released Microsoft Surface Hub 2S provides a comprehensive solution that delivers in key areas.

  • The Surface Hub 2S features a 50” multi-touch interactive touchscreen display. When your teams want to use the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S to draw, write, or make other annotations directly on the screen, simply run the Microsoft Whiteboard app. It saves your work automatically and can operate across multiple devices so remote team members can contribute as if they were in the room. The Surface Hub 2 Pen is included with the display and mimics the feel of a whiteboard marker.

  • If you want mobility, you can mount the Surface Hub 2S on a specially designed portable easel. The mount is manufactured by Steelcase and includes an APC Charge Mobile Battery that lasts up to two hours, so you can take the Surface Hub 2S wherever you go. You can also easily access Office 365 and auto save your work to OneDrive or SharePoint.

  • The Surface Hub 2S also provides video conferencing for a complete collaboration experience. It includes a 4K camera, integrated speakers, and a far-field mic array for reliable video and audio, and it runs a slimmed down version of Windows 10 that includes Microsoft Teams. Users can a launch a video call directly from the app, and the Surface Hub 2S can display up to four separate video conferencing windows simultaneously.

get the best in collaboration today

Does the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S sound like your interactive collaboration dream come true? Talk to a collaboration expert at ClarkPowell today to learn more about the tool and whether it’s the right solution for you.


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