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By ClarkPowell April 24, 2019

5 Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Presentation Room


If you’re responsible for equipping or updating presentation and training rooms, you may feel like it would be easier to just order markers, flip charts, and pointer sticks than to decide which new technologies will make the smartest long-term investment.


However, even if you keep updating the technology you’ve always had, you’ll not only miss out on trends and exciting new technologies, but you’ll be investing in solutions many users don’t want to use anymore. Many expect the latest solutions, and more than half of employees even say they are excited to learn new technology at work.


In this blog, we discuss 5 current and emerging trends that will improve and simplify work in presentation and training rooms for years to come. (To keep getting insights into other AV trends, subscribe to our blog.) 


5 Presentation Room Trends to Follow   

  1. A renewed focus on clear audio. There has been a lot of focus on video developments over the past several years, and the audio in audiovisual took a backseat. Now that companies have invested in the newest video technology, executives are realizing that video doesn’t replace quality audio—users must still be able to hear each other clearly. AV customers are circling back to investing in high-quality audio, but may need help incorporating new audio solutions into their presentation rooms.

  2. A move from hardware to the cloud. Employees’ communication preferences are changing and cloud-based communication services like Skype and Zoom, that can launch and run from anywhere, support those preferences. The shift from primarily hardware-based tools to software-based tools with intuitive and familiar interfaces is making presentations and collaboration more efficient. Flexible cloud and software-based solutions also mean presentations, training sessions, and meetings can be more collaborative and individualized.

  3. An emphasis on improved meeting room control. Your colleagues may might fight over the remote control at home, but in presentation rooms no one wants to touch it. Thanks to new technology developments, many companies are ditching the video conferencing remote entirely. Touch screen, app-based, and voice-controlled systems are gaining traction because they’re easy to deploy, easy to use, and allow for a broader set of integrations. AVIXA predicts that the popularity of these kinds of control systems will continue to grow.

  4. Smarter, more interactive displays. Interactive displays are becoming smarter, allowing users to interact in more ways, from personalized device connectivity to touchscreens. Users want to use interactive technologies with the features they are accustomed to in the consumer products they already use each day.

  5. More intuitive presentation capabilities. Sometimes presenting is the most difficult task in a presentation room. However, times are changing and the once “nice-to-have” wireless presentation feature is becoming a necessity in modern presentation rooms. Again thanks to consumer technologies, many users now know how easy it can be to share content without the use of cables, adapters, or the help desk. Simply walk in with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and start presenting from the room solution’s app.


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